Heat Damage

The first sign of heat damage is not shampooing your hair and seeing straight ends. Im not sure of the word to describe the emotion I feel when I hear a client say they were told by a “professional” or they themselves concluded that their hair was heat damaged due to straight wet ends. Fist thing to know is that water lengthens the hair to its longest lengths while wet. however if the ends are not only straight they are thin and spacey then you may can determine the state of your hair while wet. Also understand If you are the pressed out kind of girl your hair is not going to just revert to natural styling as the same with the reverse. You can have your hair straighten on a consistent basis and not suffer from heat damage. The important thing to is refrain from adding heat throughout the week. Heat to the hair is like heat to the skin the hair will expand from being singed so no matter what you put on it. If you are receiving professional services and you have suffered from heat damage you may want to find someone who loves hair. Hair is protein so there is a science to maintaining healthy hair. 

The following are some indications of heat damage: 

  • the hair starts to get unruly and hard to control
  • barely respond to products or manipulations 
  • stands out from healthy hair

Why is trimming your hair so important?

Being a cosmetologist I've come in contact with plenty of ladies that are against getting their hair trimmed. I understand having that one hair stylist that leaves you shear shocked. In fact it has happened to me too! That's right I have experienced the wack of my tresses. I get it leaves you mad and ready to… but at that moment it's too late to say or do anything about it the hair has already hit the floor. They say you need a little trim and they chop all your hair off way more than is actually necessary! Well most of these type of hair stylist are what we call scissor happy they love to cut and keep chopping until it's too late to play off the haircut as a trim.  The first thing you should understand is that if you NEED to trim your hair then more than likely it is already damaged and it will take a lot more length getting cut to get rid of the split ends. If you have a good healthy hair stylist they will keep your hair trimmed on a schedule like every 6 to 8 weeks if it's healthy or every 4 to 6 weeks if you have some areas that need more attention so that you don't have to lose 2 plus inches at one time. When you trim your hair on a regiment it ends up being more of a dusting meaning more than likely less than a half of an inch being cut. These type of trims activate accelerated hair growth. Along with a complete hair care plan. This plan consist of products consistency and care! So that's why it is important to find a cosmetologist that you can trust to keep to your hair healthy and takes responsibility to do just that! If your hair isn't growing or your stylist isn't talking to you about trims and regiments you may want to rethink who is doing your hair they may only be a hair artist not a healthy hair specialist.

Understanding virgin hair extensions and proper install & maintenance

What is virgin hair one may ask??? One of the first ways to recognize virgin hair versus chemically processed hair is the patterns of the hair. Example if all of the wave or curl patterns match every bundle in the store then the hair has been chemically processed to fit the type of hair pattern that the hair is labeled to be sold as. This doesn't mean that it isn't human hair and it could still contain some synthetic strands. However with virgin hair it is really hard to find two exact bundles the wave or curl patterns differ in some way or another. So the next time you are hair shopping pay attention to whether or not that particular distributor has hair that have a nice variation of wave and curl patterns or is every bundle fits the same pattern like beauty supply store hair. 

Now when it comes to your install you should really stay away from straight back braiding methods for long term wear meaning 8 to 10 weeks. When you see hair cut close to the scalp you can see that hair doesn't grow in straight lines so why would you place the hair in straight lines such as straight back braids for long periods of time?. When the braid method is taken in consideration you will see maximum growth potential from your install as well as less breakage! Next major key is use a net the best nets have some stretch and have larger holes so that the hair and scalp are able to breathe and dry properly. The net protect your braids from getting snagged and pulled during combing, blow drying & styling. When you remove your install without using a net the braids aren't neat and still in tact from the tension and pulling during wear. 

Finally maintenance… shampoo your sew in braids included at least twice a month cleansing your scalp using some kind of astringent to make sure you have minimum build up during the time you don't have direct access to your scalp. Also dry your braids I repeat dry your braids! Moist braids can cause several different issues including horrible smelling hair that is extremely unpleasant to the people around you. Also keep your leave out areas moisturized and use a little heat as possible sticking to pressing when the hair is freshly clean ONLY.  Following these simple steps will help cut down on hair loss and maximize in hair growth while wearing protective styling.

What is healthy hair care?

Healthy hair care starts with a regimen that includes the right products, proper handling of the hair during all stages, as well as good styling tools & consistency. If you are choosing to take care of your hair at home remember when finding a product line to use you need to determine your hair type. Some people hair types change when the seasons change so you may use one line in the winter and something totally different for the summer. The products you choose should have a clarifying cleanser and a moisture cleanser free from sulfate and parabens. Sulfates can strip too much of the natural oils from your hair actually drying it out. Parabens have been identified as harmful because they can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogen and can be associated with certain forms of breast tumors. So these chemicals are best left out of your hair care products. To be sure you are handling your hair properly before you shampoo comb thru your hair completely to be sure there are no tangles prior to rinsing. Shampoo at least 3 times to be certain the scalp and the hair is clean. Apply a liberal amount of conditioner all the way through your hair and comb thoroughly in sections to make sure all strands are covered. Allow conditioner to process completely and rinse with cool water to lock the conditioner into the cuticles of the hair. Detangle the hair in large sections then blow dry taking your time without too much tension. When considering your drying and styling tools don't go the cheapest route this can cause you to overheat your hair because the cheapest tools don't have heat control nor does it regulate the amount of heat put out during use. Consistency means continuously using the right products and handling your hair gently with care and invest in tools that have heat control and regulated heat during use. Any hair care specialist should be adhering to these things as well or maybe you should consider a different cosmetologist.