Heat Damage

The first sign of heat damage is not shampooing your hair and seeing straight ends. Im not sure of the word to describe the emotion I feel when I hear a client say they were told by a “professional” or they themselves concluded that their hair was heat damaged due to straight wet ends. Fist thing to know is that water lengthens the hair to its longest lengths while wet. however if the ends are not only straight they are thin and spacey then you may can determine the state of your hair while wet. Also understand If you are the pressed out kind of girl your hair is not going to just revert to natural styling as the same with the reverse. You can have your hair straighten on a consistent basis and not suffer from heat damage. The important thing to is refrain from adding heat throughout the week. Heat to the hair is like heat to the skin the hair will expand from being singed so no matter what you put on it. If you are receiving professional services and you have suffered from heat damage you may want to find someone who loves hair. Hair is protein so there is a science to maintaining healthy hair. 

The following are some indications of heat damage: 

  • the hair starts to get unruly and hard to control
  • barely respond to products or manipulations 
  • stands out from healthy hair