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Being a cosmetologist I've come in contact with plenty of ladies that are against getting their hair trimmed. I understand having that one hair stylist that leaves you shear shocked. In fact it has happened to me too! That's right I have experienced the wack of my tresses. I get it leaves you mad and ready to… but at that moment it's too late to say or do anything about it the hair has already hit the floor. They say you need a little trim and they chop all your hair off way more than is actually necessary! Well most of these type of hair stylist are what we call scissor happy they love to cut and keep chopping until it's too late to play off the haircut as a trim.  The first thing you should understand is that if you NEED to trim your hair then more than likely it is already damaged and it will take a lot more length getting cut to get rid of the split ends. If you have a good healthy hair stylist they will keep your hair trimmed on a schedule like every 6 to 8 weeks if it's healthy or every 4 to 6 weeks if you have some areas that need more attention so that you don't have to lose 2 plus inches at one time. When you trim your hair on a regiment it ends up being more of a dusting meaning more than likely less than a half of an inch being cut. These type of trims activate accelerated hair growth. Along with a complete hair care plan. This plan consist of products consistency and care! So that's why it is important to find a cosmetologist that you can trust to keep to your hair healthy and takes responsibility to do just that! If your hair isn't growing or your stylist isn't talking to you about trims and regiments you may want to rethink who is doing your hair they may only be a hair artist not a healthy hair specialist.

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