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What is virgin hair one may ask??? One of the first ways to recognize virgin hair versus chemically processed hair is the patterns of the hair. Example if all of the wave or curl patterns match every bundle in the store then the hair has been chemically processed to fit the type of hair pattern that the hair is labeled to be sold as. This doesn't mean that it isn't human hair and it could still contain some synthetic strands. However with virgin hair it is really hard to find two exact bundles the wave or curl patterns differ in some way or another. So the next time you are hair shopping pay attention to whether or not that particular distributor has hair that have a nice variation of wave and curl patterns or is every bundle fits the same pattern like beauty supply store hair. 

Now when it comes to your install you should really stay away from straight back braiding methods for long term wear meaning 8 to 10 weeks. When you see hair cut close to the scalp you can see that hair doesn't grow in straight lines so why would you place the hair in straight lines such as straight back braids for long periods of time?. When the braid method is taken in consideration you will see maximum growth potential from your install as well as less breakage! Next major key is use a net the best nets have some stretch and have larger holes so that the hair and scalp are able to breathe and dry properly. The net protect your braids from getting snagged and pulled during combing, blow drying & styling. When you remove your install without using a net the braids aren't neat and still in tact from the tension and pulling during wear. 

Finally maintenance… shampoo your sew in braids included at least twice a month cleansing your scalp using some kind of astringent to make sure you have minimum build up during the time you don't have direct access to your scalp. Also dry your braids I repeat dry your braids! Moist braids can cause several different issues including horrible smelling hair that is extremely unpleasant to the people around you. Also keep your leave out areas moisturized and use a little heat as possible sticking to pressing when the hair is freshly clean ONLY.  Following these simple steps will help cut down on hair loss and maximize in hair growth while wearing protective styling.

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